Every facility at your fingertips

GridWatch offers its energy usage management software solution:

Balanced Resource Acquisition and Information Network (BRAIN)

Services our energy management solution provides:

Energy management and greenhouse emissions at your fingertips:

  • visualize and meter, facility, group, or organization/municipal level
  • Replace costly consultants and validate their earlier claims
  • Assess facility energy behavior and intervene using data
  • Receive real-time alerts for energy issue resolution
  • Compare facility energy consumption against other facilities
  • Create reports for stakeholders

Our Company

GridWatch provides intelligent energy management services to optimize usage and minimize cost.

Our Solution

The GridWatch Energy Management System assesses and consolidates real-time usage data from every municipal or organizational facility’s water, power, renewables, and mechanical systems into an intuitive, single-station control center.

Our Ethos:

Efficient. Clear. Economical.

Single-station source of truth, aggregating, and analyzing data in real-time, easing communication (from constituents/stakeholders to maintenance technicians), and highlighting usage problem areas for smart prioritization.

Our System


Energy Intelligence

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